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Winston Ritson

Group Head of Cloud: Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Winston Ritson has 20 years’ experience across the Telco and Cloud space. His career is built upon exploring new opportunities and realising them by simplifying the approach and streamlining focus. In his 20-year career he has worked in several African countries focusing on establishing and growing new units within established businesses.

He is most excited by the opportunity to be the driver of change, to be an outlier. He started in his current role started in 2017 as an understanding that the telco paradigm needed to change, and in 2021 that culminated in organisational transformation, and a brand change.

His previous roles have included Chief Operating Officer, Head of Engineering, Blogger, Chef, Security Guard and several others. His role at Liquid is to build and grow the Cloud business across the continent.

He leads a team of talented, self-driven individuals in building Africa’s largest Cloud Solutions Provider. Liquid is building the ecosystem to help resellers thrive, and our customers succeed. Simply put, my team and I are creating Africa’s cloud.

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