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Sean Hardman

Director - Technical Services: Macrocomm Fleet Analytics

Hailing from an IT and software development background that began in earnest in 1987, Sean sits at the helm of Macrocomm’s Fleet division. An insatiable appetite to harness the power of computing to maximise efficiency in entrepreneurial space – both financially and operationally – has culminated in him fully embracing IR 4.0. Having spent the last nine years at the coal face of the fleet industry in South Africa, developing an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing fleet owners and operators, the marriage with Macrocomm, a leading IoT company, was destined to be.

“In my current post at Macrocomm, I can honestly state that I am at the pinnacle of my long career. I marvel daily at the fact that I am honoured to be an integral part of a truly progressive and disruptive company that lives, eats and breathes IoT – it is our DNA.”

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